Multi-Screen / Responsive Services

In our opinion, all new websites and their associated marketing campaigns should be designed to work across the largest possible range of devices and screen sizes. That's the reality of the multi-screen world we now live in.

  • Conversion friendly
  • Looks good on multiple devices
  • Mobile-first design

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive / multi-screen websites are sites that have been carefully designed and coded to automatically optimise their layout to best suit the screen size of various devices. This means that a single website can look great and work properly regardless of whether the visitor is using a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

This also means that you'll no longer need a separate mobile version of your website. (This site is Responsive, try resizing your browser window).

Multi-screen marketing campaigns are specially designed to target potential customers across the various devices they now typically use prior to purchasing. In fact, a recent study has shown that 65% of consumers start researching products / services using a mobile device before transitioning to a traditional PC to order. By targeting consumers across multiple devices we're able to introduce them to your products and services considerably earlier in the buying cycle.

We offer a range of carefully tailored responsive / multi-screen design and marketing services to ensure that our clients are ready for the rapidly evolving multi-screen world.

Did You Know?

8 Billion

Based on existing growth patterns, there will be 8 Billion active mobile devices by 2016.


Is the rate at which mobile data usage has increased between 2011 and 2013.


Is the current average mobile broadband speed, this is expected to hit 5.2Mbps by 2016.

Reasons to go responsive


Visitors enjoy a fast, good looking site regardless of the device they are using (smart phone, tablet, desktop). Information that might be hidden on a mobile-only site, is visible on a Responsive website.

2One set of files

Using separate mobile-only and desktop-only websites requires you to maintain 2 sets of files. Responsive Web Design uses 1 set of files, so a consistent experience is provided at all times. This approach can save you money over an extended period

3Google loves it

Google actually recommends Responsive Web Design. There is only one site for its Bots to crawl, allowing it work work more efficiently. Having one set of URLs also makes it easier to share information.

4Future proof

Based on the stats we have for websites in various industries, it's clear there has been a dramatic increase in mobile / tablet traffic over the last 6 months. So much so, that on some websites, up to 50% of all traffic comes from mobile devices. Going responsive now will keep you ahead of the curve.


We are so thrilled with our site! It is modern and compatible with lots of different devices. It feels like we have gone the extra mile for our customers so they see our site on their phones, tablets, laptops etc. Lissori have produced a professional, creative design that shows off all we do. It meets our needs as a business and has been made just the way we wanted it. You have provided a fantastic design service. Thank you!
abridge florist

Aimee Laing,

The Girls with Attitude site looks great and works really well - we are really happy with the outcome. Lissori really understood our needs as a business and brand, and what we wanted to achieve from being online. There was great communication throughout and Lissori offered a complete package from start to finish, and beyond.
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Liz Dean,

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