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  • Chris Head

    meet our Senior Online Marketing Specialist
    Chris Head

    Chris has been featured in a Google Case Study, quoted in a number of Google's own publications and has worked with clients ranging from start-ups to FTSE 100 companies and with budgets ranging from £1K to £200K+ per month. With more than fifteen years experience, it's fair to say that Chris understands the mechanics of the internet and knows what it takes to achieve profitability online.

    Google Ads Management Services

    We're experts in producing optimally structured, highly profitable campaigns and are very proud of the results we're able to achieve.

    Google Ads Solutions For Various Budgets
    15+ Years PPC Experience
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    ROI Focused Approach


    "The team at Lissori has helped us almost double the volume of enquiries generated by our website. We're happy to recommend their services to others."

    Karl Goodridge, Head Of Childcare,

    "Lissori have helped us gain a deeper understanding of how to plan and manage our PPC marketing strategy. We've have seen really positive improvements in our campaign performance since we started working with them."

    Matt Nolan,

    "Lissori really understood our needs as a business and brand, and what we wanted to achieve from being online. There was great communication throughout and Lissori offered a complete package from start to finish, and beyond."

    Liz Dean,

    Exams passed

    Why Choose Lissori For Your Google Ads Management

    Most of the Google Ads campaigns we inherit are very badly set up. They tend to lack structure, are subject to rookie mistakes and also lack the level of tracking needed to really get them working. This is hardly surprising when you consider just how complex creating and optimisating Google Ads campaign can be nowadays.

    We're fortunate enough to have worked on accounts spending hundreds of pounds per month right up to accounts spending hundreds of thousands of pounds per month. This means we've learnt from experience and you can benefit directly from the experience that's taken us many years to acquire, we can ensure you avoid the mistakes above.

    Working with us means working with an honest, knowledgeable Adwords manager who will work with you to maximise the ROI and profit generated by your Google Adwords campaigns.

    It's also worth noting that we've passed all six of the Adwords exams, only two are needed for certified status hence why a lot of agencies only attempt two (the easiest two!). This isn't how we work, we don't believe in cutting corners, there are six exams and we've passed all six. If there were ten exams we'd tackle all ten!

    Google Ads advertising platform is quite simply the most powerful advertising platform on the planet.

    Here's some of the advantages of using...


    Great Return on Investment

    Typically, most advertisers using Google Ads will generate £2 of revenue per £1 of ad spend but we've worked on campaigns making £5 for each £1 spent on advertising. The majority of other advertising platforms struggle to match these figures.


    Magic Moment Marketing

    The Google Ads system allows you to target people at the precise moment they're looking for your products and services, we call this magic moment marketing.


    Google Dominates UK Search Traffic

    89.1% of people looking for something using a search engine in 2018 did so using Google. This means that if you're not advertising on Google, you're already missing out on potential customers.


    Highly Accountable

    When setup correctly, it's possible to track every pound spent on Google Ads and track this right through to the amount of revenue generated as a result. This removes the guess work and builds confidence.

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    about our Google Ads Management Services

    When we start working with a new client, we first take the time to learn about your business and your ojectives. No two businesses are the same, they all have their own story to tell and making sure we understand what makes yours tick greatly improves our chances of building successful Google Ads campaigns.

    Once we've got a good understanding of your business, we're able to build bespoke goal focused campaigns that are carefully tracked and specially designed to target your core business objectives.

    Google Ads Search Campaigns

    If your objective is to generate enquiries and sales, Google Ads search campaigns are a good place to start.

    We'll carefully build and manage campaigns for you that will connect your business with people actively looking for the products / services you provide.

    Google Display Network

    90% of all active internet users are exposed to ads served by Google's Display Network, it's reach is vast and it's ads are almost inescapable.

    If you're objective is to raise awareness of your brand and it's products / services, the Display Network could be just what you need.

    Google Shopping Campaigns

    In 2018, Google Shopping Ads accounted for 82% of retail ad spend in the UK with many retail advertisers migrating budget across from other ad formats to Google Shopping Ads.

    We can build new Google Shopping Ads campaigns or help optimise your existing campaigns.

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