Conversion Optimisation Tip 1 – IE HTTPS Errors

Have you ever seen the above warning?

Even worse have your website visitors seen this warning on your site? If they have you’re likely to be seriously damaging your sites chances of turning visitors into buyers.

So what is it?

It’s an Internet explorer 8 warning that pops up when Internet Explorer encounters a page that combines a mixture of HTTP and HTTPS elements. At a time when browsers security is in the headlines (ironically, thanks to Internet Explorer!) it’s pivotal that these warnings are eliminated.

When have we encountered this problem?

We recently worked with a client that had switched to Worldpays payment gateway and had since noticed a high level of checkout abandonment. This particular payment solution redirects visitors to a secure HTTPS page hosted by Worldpay on which the visitor is then asked to enter their credit card details. As with most solutions of this type the secure payment page hosted by Worldpay can be customised using your own logo etc,  in this instance the header from the main client site was being referenced and contained standard HTTP elements.

So.. visitors would happily navigate through the main site, select products, progress through the checkout only to reach the final stage where they are committed and poised to enter their credit card details and are then confronted with a message advising them that some elements are “compromising the security of the entire web page”.

Unsurprisingly, faced with this message the majority of visitors decide not to take any chances and abandon the process.

How can you avoid this?

Easily, hosted payment pages like this Worldpay example typically allow you to upload your code/images to their system where it will be served as HTTPS content along with the rest of the payment page eliminating this issue. It really is that simple.

Whilst we can’t publish the specifics of this example but we can confirm that fixing this problem has had a significant impact on checkout completion rates 🙂

One simple fix and one very happy customer!