Google Pagespeed Service Review

27th August 2013

In the three years since Google rolled out their “Caffeine” update way back in June 2010, site speed has been high on the priority list of site owners and SEO’s alike. For the first time, the speed of your website … Continue reading

What Is A Good Bounce Rate?

15th January 2013

Good Bounce Rate

Over the next couple of month I’m going to produce a series of brief blog posts that tackle some of the most commonly asked questions I encounter when I’m talking to clients or other site owners.

The first of those questions is “what is a good bounce rate?” Continue reading

Google Penguin Recovery Update

30th July 2012

Several months ago I write a post detailing my initial thoughts on Google’s Penguin update. In this post I highlighted a client who had been badly hit by Penguin and had subsequently asked us to examine their existing status and … Continue reading

Google Penguin Update Diagnosis And Recovery

24th May 2012

Unsurprisingly, I’ve had a lot of enquiries over the last couple of weeks relating to Google’s recent “Penguin Update”. Most of these enquires tend to involve sites that had historically ranked very well for high volume phrases but have recently … Continue reading