Google Rolling Out New Smart Display Ads

20th April 2017

Starting today, Google’s rolling out their new “Smart Display Ad” system to advertiser accounts.

This is one we’re particularly interested in, display campaigns can be complex, time consuming and require a lot of testing. This new “Smart” system could potentially help reduce the workload for account managers and also improve ROI. Continue reading

Adwords Turns 15

29th October 2015

Since the first campaign I built back in 2002, Adwords has upped its game consistently year after year. I’ve watched it evolve into a far more powerful system than it was in its early years but there’s one feature of Adwords that has remained a constant throughout it’s development. Continue reading

Staggering 1088% Increase In Mobile Traffic Share

20th March 2014

Mobile technology has become an increasingly important part of our lives over the last five years or so. We’re now constantly connected, living in a multi-screen, multi-platform world that’s still evolving.

..But even in 2014, I still find that the majority of business owners I speak to don’t realise just how quickly this shift to mobile devices is occurring and more worryingly, most have failed to react at all. Continue reading

Google Launches Website Designer Tool

3rd October 2013

Google has now released a beta version of their “Web Designer” tool. It’s completely free, but like the majority of things Google does we’re sure they’ve already worked out that if they provide a tool that enables people without coding … Continue reading

Google Pagespeed Service Review

27th August 2013

In the three years since Google rolled out their “Caffeine” update way back in June 2010, site speed has been high on the priority list of site owners and SEO’s alike. For the first time, the speed of your website … Continue reading

Adwords Add Pro 3rd Party Reviews

3rd July 2013

I’ve been saying for some time now that the internet has been great for consumers, it’s forced brands to produce products that actually work and tone down on the wild, exaggerated claims. Brands simply can’t get away with it nowadays. … Continue reading