Staggering 1088% Increase In Mobile Traffic Share

Mobile technology has become an increasingly important part of our lives over the last five years or so. We’re now constantly connected, living in a multi-screen, multi-platform world that’s still evolving.

..But even in 2014, I still find that the majority of business owners I speak to don’t realise just how quickly this shift to mobile devices is occurring and more worryingly, most have failed to react at all.

And whilst I appreciate that the big names like Google and Facebook are firing out lots of aggregate level data highlighting this shift, I thought I’d share one recent example I encountered whilst reviewing some analytics data for a new client.

Take A Look At The Following Image..


The above chart has been produced using real data from a new Adwords/Analytics account I’ve just taken on and demonstrates a staggering increase in visitors using mobile devices.

A few key points relating to the above:-

  • The above chart compares February in each year from 2011 right through to 2014, as such the difference in mobile visitors is not as a result of seasonality.
  • I make that a staggering 1088% increase in mobile traffic share over a three year period, from 5.95% all the way up to 70.70%.
  • During the same period, total website traffic increased by 72%. As such, the majority of the mobile traffic reported by the above is not incremental to desktop traffic, it’s replacing desktop traffic.

What You Should Be Doing

  • Start by making sure you understand the volume of mobile traffic your site receives and the percentage of your total traffic it represents. This is easily achievable using Google Analytics or via the segment function in the Adwords interface.
  • Take the time to understand the performance of your website on mobile/tablet devices and consider looking into switching to a responsive multi-screen site. You can evaluate the performance of your existing website on mobile devices using the online page speed tool.

The key point to take away from the above is that if you’re not already doing so, it’s time to start taking mobile seriously.