Adwords Turns 15


Ah the early days of Adwords, when clicks typically only cost a few pence and conversion tracking was something we could only dream about.

But, incredibly Adwords is now 15 years old.. (wow, that flew by!).

Since the first campaign I built back in 2002, Adwords has upped its game consistently year after year. I’ve watched it evolve into a far more powerful system than it was in its early years but there’s one feature of Adwords that has remained a constant throughout it’s development, and this feature is one that other marketing channels still struggle to compete with even today, the ability Adwords has to target people at that exact moment in time when they’re actually looking for your products and services.

I call this “magic moment marketing”..

Sure, Adwords now also has features better suited to branding and reach campaigns but it’s the “magic moment” search traffic side of things that’s helped customer I’ve worked with over the years scale from budgets of under £50 per day, right up to £1000’s per day. In fact, I’ve seen many businesses built from the ground up thanks largely to the relevant traffic Adwords is able to deliver in the right hands.

So, my hat’s off to Adwords, upon conception it gave businesses of all size instant access to their target markets whilst delivering a level of control marketeers of old could only dream about.

Here’s to another 15 years!